What Is The Cost Of Teeth Replacement In New Jersey

If you have a missing tooth, your dentist might recommend you to undergo a tooth replacement procedure. In cases when you have lost any of your teeth, it is always best to replace them before your oral health worsens.

There are several options for teeth replacement. But as per your oral health and requirement, you can opt for dentures, dental bridges, or implants. And the cost for all of them is different. In the most suitable case, dental implants are considered to be the best potential choice for the replacement of the missing teeth. They look and work just like your biological teeth, allowing you to eat your favorite foods. You can also care for your dental implants in the same way as you care for your natural teeth. Also, dental implants can last potentially for the rest of your life. In this article, we will dive into detail about several teeth replacement procedures and what is the cost of teeth replacement in New Jersey.


Benefits Of Teeth Replacement

It is very common to have several doubts before getting a tooth replacement procedure. You may also get anxious about the process. The decision might be tough. However, if you consider the benefits of replacing your missing teeth, it can help you to make your choice quicker.

Functioning Like Natural Teeth

With teeth replacement procedures, you get new teeth that not only look like your natural teeth but also function similarly. Getting dental implants restores your bite force. It enables you to chew your food as you do with your natural teeth. Only your dentist can tell the difference between your natural teeth and dental implants. Any type of dental prosthesis is easy to clean and maintain.


If you replace your missing teeth, the new teeth can be functional for several years. Even good-quality dentures can last up to 8 years. Similarly, dental bridges can last up to 10 years. And if you decide to get dental implants, with proper care they can last you for a lifetime. The dental implants are made from Titanium It combines with the jawbone, and the body accepts it. They are non-toxic and are an amazing choice for tooth alternatives.

Prevention Of Bone Loss

A missing tooth in your jaw bone creates a space. There is no stimulation and pressure at this site. Due to this, the jawbone starts to deteriorate, resulting in loss of the bone. If you replace your missing teeth with dentures, the bone loss stops as the dentures revive the functions of the missing teeth. However, dentures become loose with time. Hence, the best option to replace missing teeth and prevent bone loss is getting dental implants installed. Dental implants substitute the tooth root and provide simulation too.

Strengthening Of Adjacent Teeth

When a missing tooth creates space, the nearby teeth shift towards the gap to fill it. It makes your teeth crooked and also affects your bite and ability to chew food. If you dont get your missing tooth replaced at an early stage, it may cause more oral problems in the future. And once your teeth get protruded, it may get difficult to install dental prostheses. The quicker you replace your missing teeth, the better it is for your oral health.

Prevention Of Gum Diseases

The gap caused by missing teeth becomes a site for the deposition of food particles. It leads to the formation of bacterial colonies. And if you dont maintain your oral hygiene, it may further result in gum infections, gingivitis, and cavities.

Prevention Of Wrinkles

Not getting any tooth replacement procedure, makes your face look old. Due to the loss of the jawbone, the chin and the nose start to come close which results in the formation of wrinkles. And when these lines develop around your mouth, you may start looking older than your age. 


Teeth Replacement Solutions

If you have lost your teeth and plan to get a tooth replacement procedure, you have several options to choose from. Here are some teeth replacement solutions that can help you to maintain your oral health:

Dental Implants And Crowns

A dental crown is just like your natural teeth in its shape, size, and color. The crown sits over the tooth and is positioned on top of it. There could be a case when a natural tooth might not be able to support the crown. The reason might be cavities or decay. In such a case, the patient gets an implant-supported dental crown installed in their gums. Before placing the crown, it is crucial to extract the natural tooth. After extraction, the dentist will place an implant screw, made of titanium, in the jaw. This screw is then attached to an abutment that comes out of the gums. Once the implant and abutment have been installed, the dentist will attach a temporary cap to cover it. You may then have to wait for a few weeks or up to a few months for the implant to fuse with the bone completely. After this, when you go back to your dental clinic, he will place a permanent dental crown on the abutment that resembles your natural teeth. With this teeth replacement process, you can restore a single missing tooth or multiple teeth that are not adjacent. The dental crowns cost in New Jersey depends on the number of missing teeth and implants that you may need.

Dental Bridge

The difference between a dental crown and a dental bridge is that the former sits on a damaged tooth. Whereas the latter consists of two dental crowns with teeth in between them. A dental bridge is one of the best tooth replacement solutions when adjacent teeth need restoration. It can replace decayed and damaged teeth that are missing in a row. When dental bridges and implants are used together, it is known as implant-supported bridges. And this combination supports dental crowns when natural teeth are too damaged to do so. A dental implant-supported bridge is composed of a dental implant as the pillar and the tooth cap that resembles the natural teeth.


Dentures are the artificial set of teeth that are used to restore the entire upper and lower teeth. They are used in cases when multiple teeth are missing due to any reason like damage, decay, or cavities. Dentures can be removable as well as fixed. With fixed dentures, you get permanent stabilization as they are installed with the help of dental implants. For the installation of fixed dentures, your dentist will install four dental implants in each arch. This process also requires the removal of any damaged teeth, and before placing the implants. Before getting any type of tooth replacement, you must consult with your dentist and consider your oral health. Dentures cost less than dental implants and bridges and you can get cheap dentures in New Jersey.


Factors Affecting The Cost Of Teeth Replacement

The cost of your teeth replacement procedure mainly depends on the number of teeth. However, some other major factors that might influence your bills are:



Having any kind of gum tissue is a major obstacle in getting dental implants installed. If you have any gum infection or diseases, it will get addressed first and hence it will add to the cost of your tooth replacement procedure.

Jaw Bone Density 

A missing tooth creates a space and the site from where the tooth is missing begins to dissolve and become soft. So, for installing dental implants, you must have a good bone density and solid jaw bone structure that provides a strong foundation for dental implants. If sufficient bone isnt present, you may have to undergo the bone grafting procedure. This will increase the costs of the tooth replacement procedure.

Number Of Implants

Generally, the implants are priced according to how many of them you need. So, the number of missing teeth will determine the cost of the teeth replacement procedure for you. 

The more implants are required, the higher will be the total expenses for the whole procedure. 

Tooth Extraction

There might be cases where a tooth might have to be removed completely before placing the implant and crown. It generally happens when the tooth is damaged and decayed and isnt strong enough to hold the crown. To remove the tooth, the dentist may perform a tooth extraction process which also increases the cost of the procedure.

Anesthesia And Analgesics

The process of tooth replacement is done under sedation and anesthesia to minimize the patients pain and discomfort. So, the type of anesthesia that you choose will affect the cost of the procedure. Some patients prefer to get local anesthesia for the procedure. Whereas others may prefer complete sedation. If your anesthesia is advanced, the tooth replacement procedure will cost you higher.

Dentists Expertise

All dental clinics dont offer tooth replacement procedures at the same expense. Depending upon the dental professional, clinic, staff, and dental care services, there can be a huge difference in the dental implants cost in New Jersey at different clinics.

Your Location

The cost of getting tooth replacement procedures significantly depends upon the location in which you live. Small towns and rural areas will have lesser prices as compared to larger cities and metropolitan areas.

Site Of Missing Tooth

The cost of the teeth replacement procedure also depends on where the implant or dental bridge will be placed in your mouth. There is a difference between the teeth at the front and at the back in terms of the difficulty and preciseness required to install the implant. The replacement of missing teeth at the front may require extra effort and care as they will form your smile. Hence, the cutting-edge work for the front teeth will cost you more.


Teeth Replacement Cost In New Jersey

If youre missing a single tooth and you need only one implant, it may cost you around $1000-$3000. However, it is not an exact price, but just an average estimate. The total expenses of getting a tooth replacement procedure largely depend upon your dental health and requirements.

If more than one tooth is missing, you may require implants to place several teeth. In this case, the cost depends upon the type of dental implants youre getting. If you have multiple teeth missing in a row, you can choose dental bridges. Whereas, if your teeth are missing at different sites across your mouth, you may need multiple implants to restore them. The cost may also depend upon the needs of the individual. Generally, multiple implants cost approximately $6000-$10000 if you have 2-4 teeth missing.

Cheap Dental Implants In New Jersey

A tooth replacement procedure such as getting dental implants requires placing screws in your jawbone. So, you must find a dentist who has years of experience in performing tooth replacement procedures with highly successful outcomes.

Your dentist shouldnt compromise your dental requirements and health to lower the expenses.


We, at Jackson Dental, understand the problems that you go through due to missing teeth, and how it affects your daily life. We also understand that undergoing a tooth replacement procedure can be a huge decision for you, especially if you have dental anxiety or previous unpleasant experiences. You may also wonder if you genuinely need dental implants or a dental bridge?

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A missing tooth not only affects your day-to-day activities but also impacts your confidence, and smile. Getting a tooth replacement can be life-changing as it not only restores the functions of your lost tooth but also maintains your oral health in the future. Tooth replacement solutions such as a dental implant might be costly, but considering the benefits and the fact that they may last for a lifetime, they could be worth the investment. All you need is to find the right dentist to monitor your oral condition and suggest the best possible solution for missing teeth. Dont let missing teeth affect your smile and shake your confidence. If youre planning to get a tooth replacement procedure, go for it and watch how no one can tell the difference between your natural teeth and the replaced tooth.