How Much Does It Cost For Teeth Whitening In New Jersey

When you are with your friends, laughing at their jokes, and clicking pictures, stained teeth can make you feel embarrassed to enjoy those moments to the fullest. No matter how much you care for your oral health and try to keep your teeth clean, some teeth discoloration over time and along with age cant be avoided. The staining of teeth can also be due to several medications, excessive fluoride, damaged tooth nerve, tea, coffee, etc. It not only affects a persons appearance but also makes them feel low on self-confidence.

Though brushing your teeth right after having tea or coffee can remove yellow stains from teeth and prevent staining, its not sufficient. If you have stained teeth, they dont have to stay that way forever. There are several teeth whitening solutions available today. Some of the popular options are whitening toothpaste, and store-bought teeth whitening strips that can help you get a sparkling smile. However, if whitening toothpaste and strips fail to deliver the desired results, you can go for professional teeth whitening. It can give you amazing and quick results so that you have a pearly-white smile that enhances your personality. In this article, we will talk about how much it costs for teeth whitening in New Jersey. But first, let's dive into the causes of teeth staining.


Tooth Discoloration

The discoloration of teeth can belong to the following types:

Extrinsic Tooth Stains

The extrinsic stains can be defined as the external stains that affect the outermost layer of the tooth, called the enamel. These are often caused by the consumption of tea, coffee, wine, soft drinks, or products containing tobacco. Though such types of stains are not permanent, they cant be removed by regular brushing. Even over-the-counter teeth whitening products may not show satisfactory results because these stains can be set pretty firmly over the teeth.

Intrinsic Tooth Stains

An intrinsic stain can be described as the discoloration of teeth on the inner layer of the tooth, known as dentin. Dentin is the layer that lies beneath the hard enamel. But darkened dentin can make the entire tooth look stained or discolored. Intrinsic stains are permanent. They may be caused due to medications, oral injury, excessive fluoride, etc. Intrinsic stains dont go away with the teeth whitening procedures meant for extrinsic stains.

Age-related Tooth Stains

With age, the outermost layer of the teeth, or the enamel, wears off and exposes the layer of yellow dentin beneath. The tooth dentin also grows with age and decreases the size of the pulp. It results in the reduction of translucency of teeth, and it looks darker. 


Causes of Teeth Discoloration

Following are the main causes of teeth discoloration:

Certain Food And Drinks

Beverages such as tea, coffee, wine, cola, and several fruits and vegetables such as apples and potatoes can lead to staining of teeth.


Chewing tobacco and consumption of tobacco-containing products leads to discoloration of teeth. It happens because your teeth also have pores like your skin. The nicotine and tar which is present in tobacco gets absorbed in the pores resulting in discoloration of teeth. While chewing tobacco, its brown color when mixed with saliva creates a dark brown liquid that stains the teeth. And when it rests on the surface of teeth for a long time, it will turn the teeth darker in color. If you have stained teeth due to smoking or tobacco, visit us the best teeth whitening for smokers in New Jersey.

Improper Dental Hygiene

Not brushing, flossing, and rinsing your teeth properly doesnt remove plaque and staining substances from the surface of the teeth.

Health Conditions

Several diseases affect the enamel, the hard outer layer, as well as the dentin, the soft inner layer of the tooth. Treatment for certain health conditions also affects the color of the teeth, for example, chemotherapy and radiation. Also, infections in pregnant women can lead to tooth discoloration in babies by affecting the development of enamel.


Antibiotics such as tetracycline and doxycycline are known to cause teeth discoloration when they are given to children below 8 years old. Antipsychotic drugs and medications for high blood pressure also lead to discoloration of teeth. Also, mouthwashes and rinses that contain chlorhexidine and cetylpyridinium chloride can stain the tooth.

Dental Substances

Several materials used in dentistry such as amalgam repairs can make your teeth look gray.


Due to genetics, some people have brighter or darker teeth depending on the thickness of the outermost layer of the tooth, or enamel.


Being in an environment that leads to overexposure to fluorides such as high levels of fluoride in water, toothpaste, or supplements can cause discoloration of teeth.


Any kind of tooth injury can damage the formation of enamel in growing children. Trauma can also cause teeth discoloration in adults.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is any process that helps you get rid of stained teeth. Its the method of lightening the natural color of your teeth without removing any of the tooth surfaces. teeth whitening procedures can lighten the existing shade of your teeth color.

There are natural methods of lightening your teeth too, but their results arent quick. For getting more effective results, you should consult with your dentist. Depending on your oral health, the level of teeth discoloration, and your requirement, the dentist will analyze your oral health and suggest the best solution for whitening your teeth.


Types Of Teeth Whitening

Here are some of the teeth whitening procedures that provide effective results:

Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste has mild abrasives that scrub the surface of the tooth to remove the stains and turn yellow teeth to white. If you plan to use whitening toothpaste, choose one with a seal of acceptance from the Indian Dental Association as it has agents that are safe for your teeth. When you use whitening toothpaste, it only removes the stains from the outer surface of the teeth and doesnt change its color.

Chair-side bleaching / In-office Bleaching

Its a teeth whitening procedure that is performed by a dental professional in their clinic. It requires visiting the dental clinic only once. In this procedure, the dentist applies a rubber shield on your gums to protect them. It is followed by the application of bleaching agents that whiten your teeth. In-office bleaching results in fast and effective teeth whitening.

At-Home Bleaching 

At home, bleaching is an option for those who want to whiten their teeth at home. In this method, your dentist provides you with a customized teeth whitening kit. You will also get specific instructions to use the kit effectively so that you get the best results. Through this method, you may not be able to get overnight results. It may take a few days to a few weeks for your teeth to become brighter.

Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening

There are several teeth whitening options available in todays world. Though natural ways and over-the-counter whitening products such as toothpaste and strips claim to lighten your teeth, these products dont contain sufficient bleaching substances to deliver effective results. Whitening solutions available in the market only remove the food from the surface of the tooth. It doesnt penetrate the inner layers of the enamel where the discoloration occurs. Also, such products may require months of regular usage to see noticeable results. Hence, the best way to make sure that you get the best quality of teeth whitening while maintaining your oral health is to consult with your dentist and get a personalized solution. Whether it is an in-home or in-office teeth whitening procedure, it will help you to get effective results as per your requirement and convenience.


Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening

Effective Results

When you go for professional teeth whitening, you can rest assured of positive results. Dentists are experts in teeth and they know exactly what procedure will lead to the best possible outcomes. Whereas, home remedies for teeth whitening wont provide similar results. So, if you wish to get effective results without waiting for months and months, professional teeth whitening is the solution for you.


In-office teeth whitening procedures are more trustworthy as you can rely on your dentists expertise. When you choose teeth whitening products and kits from markets, you dont know what it contains and will it be suitable for your teeth and oral health. There is even a risk of further damage to your teeth due to certain ingredients that might not suit you. So, its always best to trust an expert with your oral health.

Faster Results

When you visit your dentists office for professional teeth whitening services, it will take as less as an hour for the procedure. You dont have to wait for weeks or months to get a bright and white smile. Teeth whitening at the dentists office will provide you with amazing results faster and you would love the results.

Confidence Boost

Its not possible to hide your teeth and you have to deal with stained teeth that make you hesitant to smile and talk. A bright smile can completely change your look and boost your confidence. Whiter teeth not only make your smile look great but also enable you to communicate and laugh freely.

Enhanced Personality

The first thing that someone notices about you is the smile. When you whiten your teeth, you not only brighten their shade but also enhance your smile and your personality. A new and bright smile can completely transform your look and make you look smarter. 


How Much Does It Cost For Teeth Whitening In New Jersey

The cost of teeth whitening procedures depends on the patients requirement and their oral condition. Hence it may vary. You can typically expect to pay approximately $450 for in-office whitening and around $300 for at-home whitening kits for permanent teeth whitening cost in New Jersey.  You can also get an idea about the expenses by searching teeth whitening prices near me in NJ online. The teeth whitening cost in New Jersey also depends on factors that include:

The Type Of Procedure

In-office procedures are a little bit more expensive as compared to in-home kits. But you must not ignore the fact that in-office procedures at your dentists clinic provide instant results. Whereas, in-home procedures may take up to a few weeks to show results. Also, laser teeth whitening cost in New Jersey may be different.

Additional Treatments

In some cases, the teeth discoloration cant be removed only by teeth whitening procedures. Additional dentistry treatments like installing veneers may add up to the final cost of your procedure. Visit the best professional teeth whitening in New Jersey to get a customized solution planned as per your requirement.

Best Affordable Teeth whitening In New Jersey

Having stained or discolored teeth may not affect your eating, but it affects your self-confidence and your personality. It may make you feel embarrassed and prevent you from smiling, laughing, and speaking freely. In todays world, many people change their lives by transforming their smiles and getting whiter and brighter teeth. If you are planning to get safe and top rated teeth whitening in New Jersey that isnt expensive, visit us at Jackson Dental.

When you visit us at Jackson Dental, we thoroughly assess your oral health to provide you with the best possible teeth whitening solution that suits your lifestyle and habits. Our highly experienced dentist will develop a customized plan that enables you to attain your desired looks while also considering the sensitivity levels of your teeth. At Jackson Dental, we understand that you may have dental anxiety and dental appointments can be overwhelming. Our highly skilled team will not only help and guide you at every step but also will make sure that you feel comfortable. With us, you get affordable teeth whitening solutions in New Jersey and tailor the procedures as per your budget. We provide affordable & cheap teeth whitening in NJ. For all that you need to get the bright smile you have always dreamed of, Jackson Dental is the one-stop solution for all your requirements.


Irrespective of the reason for the discoloration of your teeth, it doesnt have to stay stained forever. With in-office teeth whitening procedures, you can get the perfect pearly white smile that boosts your confidence and enhances your personality. And the best part, you can undergo teeth whitening procedures without burning a hole in your pocket. Its time to be the best version of yourself, speak with confidence, and smile freely. Consult with the best dentist in New Jersey today.