Causes of Stains on Teeth

While going through your pictures on your mobile phone, you zoom in to look at your face closely. Do you notice that your teeth arent as white as earlier? And then you miss having that pearly white smile. You also wish that your teeth could be just a little more white.

There can be several reasons that make your teeth lose that bright white color. It could be due to your lifestyle or eating habits. Over time, stains develop on teeth leading to the loss of luminosity. Due to teeth discoloration, you may become conscious of your looks and even hold yourself back from smiling freely.

If you want your pearly white smile back, it is possible. Tooth discoloration and stains cause teeth to look yellow. However, there are several ways to reverse the staining and prevent this from happening in the future. In this article, we will dive into the causes of stains on teeth and how you can reverse them. You will also know about the best affordable teeth whitening in New Jersey.


What is Tooth Discoloration


When the color of your teeth changes, it is tooth discoloration. They dont look as white and bright as they are in general. Discolored teeth may develop white or dark spots in different places. Depending on the causes, they may also turn dark or yellow in color. The spots on the teeth can be from yellowish-brown to black-brown in color. And their shape and size could be different too. Some people may observe irregular patches on their teeth whereas others may have brown lines.

If you have tooth discoloration and youre worried about it, you are not alone. Spots on teeth and brown discoloration are very common. Around 14% of people living in the United States of America have undergone professional teeth whitening. But apart from professional teeth whitening, you can eliminate teeth staining and prevent them from happening further by making certain lifestyle changes. Before finding teeth whitening prices near me in NJ, let us first understand the types of tooth discoloration.


Types Of Tooth Discoloration

Staining of teeth doesnt only happen when you have coffee or tea. Staining due to food and drinks is just a type of tooth discoloration. Mainly, tooth discoloration can occur due to staining of the surface, a change in the color of your tooth itself, or both combined together. There are mainly three categories of tooth stains:


1. Extrinsic Teeth Stains 

Such a type of staining occurs on the surface of the tooth. It happens when staining particles from pigmented food items or drinks deposit on the layer over the enamel. Some food items that result in such stains are tea, coffee, red wine, etc. They are also caused by the consumption of tobacco. However, extrinsic stains can be removed by brushing with teeth whitening toothpaste and dental cleaning.

2. Intrinsic Teeth Stains 

Such types of stains are below the tooth surface. They occur when the pigmented stain-causing particles deal with the exterior of the tooth and then get into the tooth enamel. In children, tooth staining can also be caused by the excessive use of fluoride. As compared to extrinsic tooth stains, intrinsic tooth stains are difficult to remove. It may require bleaching of teeth using in-home or professional teeth whitening products. Examples of such products are White strips, in-home bleaching kits, etc.

3. Teeth Stains Due To Aging 

Age-related teeth stains are a result of the combination of intrinsic and intrinsic teeth stains. The outer harder part of your teeth is called enamel. Whereas, the soft core tissue is known as dentin. With time, the dentin turns yellow naturally and the teeth get discolored. With age, the enamel that protects your tooth becomes thinner and allows the dentin to show. This intrinsic reason for teeth staining when combined with extrinsic reasons such as consumption of tea, coffee, red wine, or tobacco, results in the staining of teeth in most adults.

Causes Of Tooth Discoloration


1. Food And Drinks

Several dark-colored food items such as red wine, and coffee contain a chemical called chromogens. These are pigmented and result in staining of the tooth enamel. If you dont clean your teeth properly, these stains may become permanent. Food items containing artificial dyes and colors can also cause tooth staining.


2. Tartar 

The bacteria in your mouth combine with saliva and food particles to form a sticky white film on your enamel. This film is known as plaque. You can get rid of plaque by regular brushing. However, if you dont clean your teeth properly, the plaque can harden up and turn into tartar. Once tartar deposits on your tooth, only professional dental cleaning can remove it. Apart from improper dental hygiene, several other reasons may cause tartar to form, such as smoking, diabetes, hormonal changes, pregnancy, medicines, etc.

3. Tobacco Products 

Nicotine and tobacco products contain particles that are capable of sticking to the tiny pores in the enamel. With repeated use of tobacco, these particles build up over the enamel and result in staining. The stains that occur due to smoking, or chewing tobacco may become darker and difficult to remove over time. If you have stained teeth due to smoking, visit the best teeth whitening for smokers in New Jersey.


4. Tooth Decay 

When you consume a lot of sugar, the bacteria from plaque and tartar feed over it. These bacteria produce acids that weaken the enamel. The sticky layer of plaque leads to the sticking of this acid on the tooth for a longer time. When the kids affect the enamel, the yellow layer over the teeth looks more significant. Sometimes, it even looks yellowish-brown. If the decay is extreme, the acids can cause cavities in the teeth. Even tiny cracks in the tooth can lead the bacteria to enter and cause tooth decay. Dental cavities can be very painful if they arent treated timely. It may even expose the nerve or root of the tooth leading to discomfort and insensitivity.

5. Aging 

With age, the enamel that protects the teeth wears off slowly. Due to this the yellow layer of dentin underneath is visible. It makes the teeth look discolored. This is a natural process that happens over time. Sometimes, yellowish-brown or dark spots may also be visible on teeth due to aging.

6. Genetics 

Everyone has a different natural color of their tooth. Some may have whiter teeth as compared to others. Other genetic aspects that affect the color of the teeth are: 

  • The tooth enamel and its strength
  • Wear and tear of enamel due to acids 
  • Enamels reaction to pigments and acids 
  • Hereditary dental conditions 
  • Dental problems that hamper tooth development 


7. Dental Procedures 

If you have gone through dental work previously, it could be a reason for tooth discoloration. Dental crowns, bridges, fillings, etc wear down over time and lose their color. The metal in the fillings can also transfer their color to the teeth. This results in the change of tooth color from white to yellow or grayish.

8. Medicines 

Some medicines such as the antibiotic tetracycline cause tooth discoloration, especially in young children, other such medicines are glibenclamide which is used to treat diabetes, and chlorhexidine, which is a medicated mouthwash.

9. Enamel Hypoplasia 

Enamel Hypoplasia is a condition that is caused due to developmental problems of teeth. Due to this, the enamel becomes thin. As a result, the outlines of the teeth may form white or yellowish-brown. Enamel hypoplasia can be developed, but sometimes it is present from birth. In this case, it is known as Amelogenesis Imperfecta. Some causes of enamel hypoplasia include: 

  • Inadequate intake of calcium and other nutrients 
  • Birth injury or premature delivery 
  • Viral and bacterial ailments 
  • Malnutrition during pregnancy 
  • Exposure to toxins and allergens 
  • Ingestion of fluoride 
  • Tooth injury or cracks


10. Celiac Disease

When one suffers from celiac disease, teeth are one of the first parts of the body that shows symptoms. Some noticeable indicators of celiac diseases are yellow/brown patches, weak enamel, tooth discoloration, translucent teeth, etc. This problem is often associated with both sides of the mouth and concerns with incisors and molars.

11. Fluorosis 

In children younger than 8 years, too much exposure of teeth to fluoride can lead to the staining of enamel. This tooth discoloration is called fluorosis. It looks like white or gray colored lines across the teeth. In severe cases, fluorosis can also cause dark brown spots on the teeth. Fluorosis may look similar to tooth decay, but it is generally harmless.


Tooth Discoloration Treatments


Depending on the type of tooth discoloration you may leverage any of the methods to get your pearly white smile back.

1. Permanent teeth whitening cost in New Jersey, may hold you back from getting professional discoloration treatments. But you can also use whitening toothpaste that helps in removing stains, and arent too costly. Make sure that you follow proper brushing techniques and floss your teeth too.

2. Avoid food and drinks that have stain-causing pigments. Limit the consumption of tea, coffee, red wine, etc.

3. Use over-the-counter whitening products such as strips and toothpaste. Such products may make your teeth sensitive but these side effects go away with time. You can talk to your dentist regarding such products. If you look for cheap teeth whitening in NJ, over-the-counter products are less expensive than professional dental procedures.

4. You can use in-home whitening kits provided by your dentist to remove yellow stains from teeth. You can purchase them from the dental clinic and use them at home as per the dentists directions.

5. If you want to undergo professional teeth whitening, you can choose in-office procedures. Getting your teeth bleached at the dentists office may require more than one visit. In this process, the dentist will apply a layer of a protective gel or a rubber shield on your gums. Then, a bleaching agent will be applied to your teeth. You can also get a customized tray from your dentist to use at home. You can also choose laser teeth whitening for more effective results. Laser teeth whitening is costlier as compared to in-office bleaching. You can get an estimation by searching for laser teeth whitening cost in New Jersey.

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Stained or discolored teeth may not impact your eating, but it influences your self-confidence and personality. It may make you feel embarrassed and stop you from smiling, laughing, and conversing freely. Today, several people change their lives by transforming their smiles and obtaining whiter and brighter teeth. If you are intending to get safe teeth whitening that isnt costly, visit us at Jackson Dental. We strive to be the best professional teeth whitening in New Jersey.


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No matter how long you have had stained teeth, it doesnt have to stay that forever. It is possible to turn yellow teeth to white again. You can get your picture-perfect smile by taking care of your oral health, teeth whitening procedures, and following a routine so that your teeth remain bright and healthy for the longest period. With in-office teeth whitening treatments, you can get a smile that boosts your confidence and enhances your personality. And the best part, you can undergo teeth whitening procedures without spending a lot of money. Dont stop yourself from expressing yourself freely and smile with confidence. Consult with the best dentist in New Jersey today!